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Disclaimer I Have Never Met Any Of These People.  This Is What Was Given To Me In Channel
The Message Is Not Fact
This One Is a Famous Actor Who We
All Know & Love
Keanu Reeves


He Watches.  He Waits

Tis Not Yet Known By Him To What End He Sees

That the World Doth Needs To Be Brought To Its Knees

For In Truth He Knows That The End Is Near

That Rape And Pillage So Defined Every Day

He Knows From Deep That This Is Not The Way

So He Watches And He Waits

And He Holds The Power Of The Light

That He So Willingly Chooses To Devour

And In This The Prince That Chose So Well

Doth Daily Recognise The Living Hell

That Most Subject Themselves To Be

Lost In The Darkness Because They Will Not See

Unlike Him, They Are Not Free

Unlike Him That Came As ME

To Hold The Light For All Of Thee!

This One Is a Famous American Female Politician That Will Go Down In History In Infamy
Hillary Clinton

Beloved Daughter Of The Light

I Am Never Absent From One Who Strays

In Fact, I Am More Present

To Help Them Find Their Way

Although In Truth Dear One I AM Makes No Mistakes

And How Would Others Know What Decisions

They Did Make?

Could It Be They Chose The Dark To Help

You Find The Light?

For Are We Not All Connected Dear Child

And No One Is Ever Right

Sometimes Things Are Not What They Seem

And If Through Them You See

That Darkness Lives And Encourages You Thus

So That You Will Eventually Find ME

For God / Goddess I AM And Lightness Be

How Wonderous It Is

That I Am You

And You Are Me!

This One Is a Famous American Actor & Comedian
Jim Carrey

You Invite Joy And Light To All That You Meet

Yet Suffer The Pain And Sorrow Of Deep Loss

You And I Both Know The Depth Of Who You Are

And Still You Return From Many Past Lives

Of Immense Pain And Struggle To Bring Joy To The World

It Is In Your Favour Beloved That You Have Returned

At This Particular Point In Time

For It Is Your Gift To Turn The Tides

For When You Are Divided In Dimensions Plus

You Are Aware Of And Exhibit A Higher Consciousness

And Through This You Become The Messenger

Not All Will Seek To Accept Your True Self

But Shine In Your I AM!

Lift The Pain And Misery Of The World

Even With Broken Heart You Still Deliver My Song

As You Have Done Many Times Before Beloved Son

In Depth With Me Remain And True To Form

We Will Exchange The Light Required By Man

So That They Can See And Feel

The I Am Within Their Joyful Hearts

Guard Yourself Well Beloved Son Of Light

For Many Times You Have Returned

And This Time Is To Make The Biggest Difference!

Tis Now The Time To Shine Through Your Memories

And Remember Why You Came…Again!

Honoured AM I

Beloved Son Of Light

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