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Image by Mario Dobelmann

Quantum Healing Hypnosis 

Past Life Regression & Higher Self Communication.

Everybody holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes we need a little help. QHHT releases past life trauma which is locked into cellular memory and carried through incarnations. As an experienced QHHT Practitioner, I commune with your higher self and together we work to release past life traumas that are affecting your current incarnation.

In Person Only

Approximately 2 hours



Image by Eugene Golovesov

Language of Light / Energy Healing/ Tarot

The Language of Source Speaks.

I Speak In

The Language Of Light When Healing,
Channelling & With Channelled

Tarot Readings

I Channel The Ancient One's, Who Usually Speak Throughout Most Of The Session.
I Use The Language of Light And Work With The Ancient One's As A Healing / Energy Balancing Modality.


I Work With You Either On A

Zoom Call For An Hour Full Session 

Or An Absent Healing For 

Half Hour Sessions.

We Are All Being Challenged Currently

To Release Our Fears and Find A

Trust In Our God Self For

The Massive Changes That

Are Taking Place On Our Planet.

The Language Of Light As A Healing Modality Will Speak To And Upgrade Codes To Your DNA And

To Your Soul.


It Can Release Old Pain, Fears And It Activates Healing On Every Level.

I Find That I Am Doing More Of These Healings To Support This Transition

That We Are Experiencing.

Phone or ZOOM

Approximately 60 Minutes


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