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My all time favourite book authored by Susan Gillham.
It was a magical ride to go on.
The characters come alive before your very eyes and there are
many wisdoms that weave through the words into your being.

A delightful read!

Katie McLean


This story is a great read, meeting Jake as he finds his life’s purpose.  

Dreams of ancient wisdom awaken the fight to

balance good and evil.

If you enjoy books that reawaken your own soul, you will turn

these pages quickly as you follow Jake on a mighty quest.

Dee Gibson


This is a Fantastic story that I have read twice already and

loved it both times.

It is a story any age group can read and it is full of excitement!

Well done to the Author...
Susan Gillham

Sheila Bennett


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Loved This Book!

Jenny Allcorn


This Is a Fabulous Read!  100%
You Won't Be disapointed!!!!!

Annmarie Hill


What An Interesting Read!

Taking Us On a Journey Into The Stratosphere Of Another Realm
Fighting To Birth New Energy Onto Our Planet Is Not An Easy Task....
However Gifts Are Not Given To Those Who Cannot Use Them.

A Higher Purpose Novel You Will Relate To As Our
Current World Changes

Enjoyed This Book!

Dee Gibson



The Story Behind The Story

The story of the creation of this powerful book begins at the exact same

place as the story within this book: with a vision.


Once Upon A Time, in 2021, my dear friend, Susan, shared with me a “waking dream” she’d recently had of an elegant, powerful, older woman

standing atop a cliff.

Hearing this moved me to suggest that she write the vision down, but she

couldn’t stop there. Five weeks later, I was editing and proofing

the first draft of ELEANOR.


Susan was in the middle of writing another of her now published books

at the time but that was put on hold as the “Magic” of Eleanor kept

flowing to create the book you now hold in your hands.

When the Magic of Susan’s writing gift strikes her there is a flow

of words, images, wisdom and truths onto the page

directly from her Higher Self… as if the story is

dictated to her from a future where it is already written.


What you hold here is not just fiction, it is also reality because what we

have come to know as our “reality” we also now know is

actually all a fiction… an illusion. There is no longer any question

that the “history” taught in schools, through the Media, and by

politicians and “people in power” is all an elaborate and deliberate lie.

In the near future, this book will be regarded by those who have

Awakened as a record of part of the True History of Earth.


It is an honour and a creative joy for me to be a part of the process of

getting these amazing stories out into the world.


I am Blessed to share these moments of awesome

Universal Magic

with Susan Gillham.

Michael Young ~ Ava Orion Media





A Beautiful Review From Georgie..
One Of The Venus Twins!

Hello lovely Patrons, this is Georgie and I have just finished reading Susan's book called Eleanor.

WOW! I read it in 3 days, I loved it SO much!

It's an easy read and she writes beautifully about the

events of our World today, mixed in with some romance,

fun and adventure.

The part I loved the most was that I could relate so well to the main character and she helped me to understand the multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves.

I know many of you will also relate the same way I did and find it

really helps and uplifts you about who we are and why we are

here now on Earth doing what we are doing for Humanity.

I highly recommend reading it and hope you enjoy it

as much as I did.




Just finished your Eleanor book and want to congratulate
you on what a superb up to date book it is.
You have included so much of what has been happening
behind the scenes that millions are not aware of - and
you have written it in a clever entertaining way.
I love It ❤️

I feel one day it will be a movie for the world to see and
help them understand what we all know what
has been going on in our Planet 🥰

Diane Hayson


'You Are a Fantastic, "True Storyteller!'
I Hope There Willl Be Another Book To

Follow The

Next Part Of The Story!'

Karin Giger


5 out of 5 stars

I was enthralled from start to finish, great how you

mix our present situation with history.

The action does not stop, keeping us thinking

wow what next!

A most enjoyable read.






What’s a past life regression?

It can alter your whole life, bringing mystical knowledge

to the surface.


Life is not always simple as you will find as you

read this book.  This tale will keep you entertained

as it unfolds into a mystical saga.


I loved ‘Eleanor’ so will you.

Dee Gibson





Fact or fiction, reality or not, make up your own mind.  

A wonderful, thought-provoking novel,

particularly within the context of the

past to today’s climate.


So hard to put down once I started reading.

Awesome story, went through so many emotions reading it. Thank you Susan for sharing this and

I hope you write more books.

Bruno Giger, Melbourne


Couldn’t wait to read the second book in this series!

Just when you think there are no more battles, Jake’s

journey takes another twist. 

Camelot comes to life as more battles are fought.

Ancient heroes, Merlin and King Arthur’s arrival

gives Jake more to fight for. 

Surprising new entities and worlds come into play.

If you love mythology, this is a book you will truly enjoy.

This book follows Jake's life and the opening of his soul's gifts.

It is a magic story of trusting your mentors and

learning to be brave, when you are not.

Jake also battles the evil Sam-Je and gets

profound help along the way.


Susan's writing is excellent, which makes this

book definitely unputdownable.

Well done, Susan.

Dee Gibson 



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