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have had a Language of Light Healing with Susan, it has had

a profound effect on me, it helped me make sense of who I am

and why I am.

It has answered questions I didn't know who to ask, and

it has stimulated me to learn so much more. 

Nick, Melbourne.

I have had 2 Language of Light Healings with Susan, and both times I have felt she

was healing me, and talking to me on multiple levels.

Both sessions were clarifying, supportive and loving, I felt peaceful and

it has helped me feel connected to Source. 

I also absolutely love her books, I can feel my mind expand as I read them. 

Brenda McLennan, Melbourne.



'Susan’s gifts are amazing! Her many, many years of experience and dedication to the Truth have created a unique and powerful combination of Spiritual Modalities for her to share with you in an atmosphere of respect, compassion, and love. From Healings, to Channellings, to Readings, and beyond… She will intuit the best way to challenge you, uplift you, balance you, and energise you. Susan knows the Power of Words and uses them wisely and effectively.  She is also a dynamic, accomplished, and inspired writer. With Susan, your Past, Present, and Future are all in gifted hands!'

Michael Young, Melbourne.

I love Susan's otherworldliness and her compassion for humanity. Susan is a top-level thinker, who works quickly to get to the heart of what your soul requires and receives guidance to assist you in resolving it. I have read Susan's books and I love them madly! The pages of her books are laden with Spiritual principles, messages, and teachings for humanity. Susan is a powerful Divine Feminine with a heart of Gold.'

Katie McLean, Melbourne.

'Sue is an amazing healer & psychic reader who I have been seeing on & off for years. I have had some amazing spiritual/healing shifts in her sessions! I highly recommend Sue!'

Love & Light
Lilliane Janine, Melbourne

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Susan for giving me a healing over the phone last week.  She was so professional and loving and I felt so comfortable from the start.
I have never had one before so wasn't sure what to expect, but I was instantly relaxed and could feel the energy around me.  We spoke about what I was feeling in my life and I have taken this on board.  To know that I have angels around me who are protecting me is amazing!  So thank you again, Susan.

Love Jodie, Western Australia
April, 2022


I have known Sue for a long time. I reached out to her as I felt stuck, confused and frazzled in certain aspects of my life. Her wisdom coupled with her amazing gifts made for a wonderful session.  She held space for me to be open and honest. With her guidance I was able to gain truthful insights on core issues and gave me the confidence to move forward. Her communication is with compassion and kindness.

I can highly recommend Sue as an experienced spiritual healer, medium and also a great writer of her books. Thank you Susan for an amazing healing session that helped me to come to a deeper understanding and awareness and making the changes and decisions needed! Love and Light,

Regina, Switzerland and Melbourne/AUS.
April, 2022


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